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We bring together the ability to track your score while using our industry-leading tools to build your credit and reach your goals.


Discover what positively (and negatively) affects your credit score so you can stay on target to get the credit score you deserve.


A good credit score gives you better opportunities for low interest rate approvals on a car loan, mortgage, personal loan or credit card.

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Credit Monitoring at Your Fingertips 24/7

The Basics of Credit Monitoring

Having a good credit score can open up opportunities for – loan approvals, insurance premiums, personal loans and credit cards. Having continuous insight into your credit can help you with your financial goals while saving you time and money.

Yes, checking your credit report annually is always a good idea, but having year-round access to your credit score and monitoring alerts is even more important.

Take Control of Your Credit… with Our Credit Monitoring Service!
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“After cycling through multiple Top Credit Repair Companies seeing no results, I finally came across Credit Fixer. Choosing to work with them was hands down the best choice.”

Taylor Green

Client of Company

“Very happy with this company. Ms. Vetta Lewis is exceptional to work with. She provided an amazing teaching of how credit works and navigated the best way Credit Fixer is able to assist in fixing your credit. I highly recommend if you are looking to repair blemishes on your credit report.”

Christina Tores

Client of Company

“Having been a former member of Lexington Law, I needed to find an organization that would work for me and not the other way around. I paid out a lot of money to Lexington Law and outside of a few items that they were able to take care of, they really did not do what I asked them to do. Bottom line, a lot of money wasted for practically nothing to show for it. My hope is that can accomplish a lot more than their predecessors did. I felt that they could and would do just what I needed them to do. If Credit Fixer can do as they promised, my credit is in good hands.”

Chico morales

Client of Company

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